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Bad Teacher (2011) Movie explained in Hindi Urdu | Romance Drama Film summarized हिन्दी/اردو

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Bad Teacher (2011) Romance Comedy movie explained in Hindi Urdu. The Romance Comedy movie “Bad Teacher" story summarized with a complete ending i...

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Bad Teacher (2011) Romance Comedy movie explained in Hindi Urdu. The Romance Comedy movie “Bad Teacher" story summarized with a complete ending in हिन्दी Urdu explanation. Hollywood movie explained in Hindi. Movie explained in Hindi. The Plot starts with Elizabeth Halsey who is a languid, gold-burrowing Chicago instructor at John Adams Middle School who curses at her understudies, drinks vigorously, smokes and shows films to rest through class. She intends to stop educating and wed her rich life partner, yet he dumps her when his mom shows him that Elizabeth is solely after his cash, so she continues her work. She attempts to prevail upon well off substitute educator Scott Delacorte. Her devoted and energetic partner Amy Squirrel likewise seeks after him while Elizabeth rejects progresses from the school's exercise center educator, Russell Gettis.

Elizabeth intends to have a surgery, and turns out to be more persuaded to do as such after learning Scott's ex also had the same thing she desired from the surgery. Notwithstanding, she can't bear the $9,300 method. Elizabeth endeavors to fund-raise for the medical procedure through the seventh grade vehicle wash, wearing provocative attire and controlling guardians to give her cash for more school supplies and coaching, yet her endeavors are adequately not. Amy illuminates the head about Elizabeth's theft, yet he excuses her cases when no proof is given. Scott additionally concedes that he is drawn to Amy and just perspectives Elizabeth as a companion.

Finding that the educator of the class with the most elevated state test scores will get a $5,700 reward, Elizabeth chooses to change her way of instructing, constraining the class to strongly review To Kill a Mockingbird for the test. In any case, the change is past the point of no return. The understudies score low on the book tests, further disappointing her. In the interim, she becomes a close acquaintance with Russell, as Amy and Scott begin dating.

Elizabeth intends to take the state test replies by imitating a writer and luring Carl Halabi, a state teacher accountable for making and circulating the tests. She persuades Carl to go into his office to have intercourse, yet medicates him and takes the response key. After a month Elizabeth wins the reward, finishing her required assets, and books her bosom extension.

At the point when Elizabeth discovers that Amy and Scott are overseeing a forthcoming field trip, she covers an apple with poison ivy and leaves it for Amy, who winds up with rankles covering her face and can't go. On the excursion, Elizabeth lures Scott. They dry mound and Elizabeth subtly leaves Amy a message through Scott's telephone, recording all the activity. Notwithstanding, Scott's consistently changing beliefs disillusion Elizabeth. After her understudy Garrett is insulted by his cohorts for admitting to a pathetic fascination with a shallow young lady in the class named Chase, Elizabeth consoles him, and this prompts her to start thinking about her own shallow ways.

IMDb Rating: 5.6/10

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