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100 Girls (2000) Movie explained in Hindi Urdu | Romance Comedy Film summarized हिन्दी/اردو

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100 Girls (2000) Romance Comedy movie explained in Hindi Urdu. The Romance Drama movie “100 Girls" story summarized with a complete ending in हिन...

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100 Girls (2000) Romance Comedy movie explained in Hindi Urdu. The Romance Drama movie “100 Girls" story summarized with a complete ending in हिन्दी Urdu explanation. Hollywood movie explained in Hindi. Movie explained in Hindi. The Plot starts After leaving a party at a women's dormitory, Matthew is trapped in an elevator with an unknown, and unseen, woman when the power goes out. Matthew and this unknown woman have sex in the dark. When Matthew wakes up in the morning—still in the elevator—he finds himself alone with a pair of her panties.

On a mission to find his mystery maiden by finding a matching bra for the panties, Matthew becomes the maintenance man of the "Virgin Vault", an all-female dormitory. After releasing mice, he goes room to room, setting traps. He convinces the panicked women to leave their rooms and then starts to look for a match. When he is unsuccessful, he continues to break things (such as the air conditioning) in an effort to find his woman. He also fixes the television set, which is greatly received by women he refers to as "Janeites", as they have a great interest in films adapted from books by Jane Austen. He doesn't get much help from his roommate Rod, who keeps telling him to give up, and together they philosophize about men and women. Rod tells him that he doesn't need a girlfriend and that it's futile to try to find the "bra matching the panties", and Matthew accuses him of being too macho. Rod introduces Matthew to the "penile power", which involves the use of weights attached to his penis as a means of increasing the organ's size. He does this and insults women to make himself feel better about the problem he has with his manhood; he suffers from hypospadias.

Early on, Matthew watches as a woman named Patty and her boyfriend Crick fight. Crick is the epitome of the macho man stereotype, with his big pectorals, conceited attitude, and abusiveness. He wears a ponytail, a manicured goatee, "male make-up", and chews nicotine gum, much to Matthew's dismay. Matthew tries to save Patty, but is hurt by Crick. Crick leaves, and Patty tries to help Matthew, but Matthew can't help but think of Patty's reputation as a "slut".

While searching one room, Matthew finds himself trapped in the bathroom when the occupant returns. Matthew is attacked by Wendy, until she recognizes him as a high school classmate. Wendy decides to help Matthew in his quest to find his mystery maiden, hoping that, in the process, she may find one of her own, as she is a closeted lesbian.

Matthew is nervous about talking to girls. Arlene and his teacher Ms. Stern (Aimee Graham) disparage Matthew, asserting that women are more dominant than men are. Arlene beats him at foosball. Ms. Stern asserts that women, rather than men, should be in command. Rod tells Matthew that he's a chicken and should just give up on girls, while Matthew tells him that he has never been able to speak to girls, especially Cynthia.

Matthew puts an advertisement in the school newspaper asking the girl he's seeking to meet him in the basement on a Thursday night. He sits in the dark every Thursday night, waiting for her to show up. The door opens one night, and he thinks it's her, but it's Wendy, coming to check up on him. Finally, the mystery maiden does show up, only to tell him to stop looking for her.

IMDb Rating: 5.8/10

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